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Le Boudoir The Bedroom

Opulent gold and red king size bed
Oak and Chain Stairwell
Eiffel Tower
Suspended Cage
Luxury Shower Room

The Luxury bedroom - why not cage your submissive for the night, leaving them suspended with a view over the Eiffel Tower whilst you enjoy the luxury of the opulent gold and red fin-de-siecle king-size bed. The cage has the remarkable ability to hoist from floor to ceiling AND along the room - phenomenal three dimensional captivity!


With a vaulted ceiling exposing the industrial steel girder from which the rolling trolley facilitates to support the electronic hoist,  the spectacular spherical cage adds a finishing touch to the theme of L'Oubliette.


La Douche – an en suite shower room – offering ample space and a large walk-in powerful shower you can indulge yourself and relax following your hard day of play. Furthermore, the large shower tray does present a great opportunity for watersports!

  • Toys and Equipment

  • Electric Hoist

  • Spherical Cage

  • Suspension Bar

  • Bondage anchor points on bed

  • Glass floor

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