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January 31st 2018 - Femocracy Meeting

The Oubliette is proud to welcome subordinate men and Superior Women to enjoy Femocracy UK events every other month.

The Femocracy UK events that will be held at The Oubliette in Bedfordshire will be hosted by Mistress Paris and Goddess Serena.

These events are free for all Women to attend, but males must pay a £60 entrance fee for the pleasure*

Drinks and food will be supplied for all attending Ladies to enjoy, served by the attending males. The evening will be a relaxed one, although the males are expected to act within the perimeters of high protocol (the rules of which will be outlined at the beginning of the event). Ladies are invited to chat, joke, laugh, drink and enjoy themselves, whilst males serve and pander to the needs of the Women they are in the presence of (be this the replenishment of a drink or the stroke of a cane against their bottoms). 

The Femocracy UK events taking place at The Oubliette are designed to be educational whilst also being fun for all participating. It is the hope of both divine Mistress Paris and Goddess Serena that those in attendance will be able to learn about the benefits of the NWO of Female Supremacy, and why a Matriarchal society is so necessary for all of us to thrive. Males will be punished for their crimes, and will learn the proper etiquette expected of them. Turning men into slaves and showing Ladies the true glory of their being.

Dominant Ladies are more than welcome to bring a vanilla Lady with them to open their eyes to Femocracy. Couples welcome.

Please contact us for application 

Taken from

“Femocracy Global is empowering and supporting Females' rise to power in every corner of the globe. If you are male, submission now is your only hope for survival.”


Femocracy, derived from Female and kratia (‘rule’) is the new world of Female governance. Specifically, Femocracy denotes a commitment to more responsible governance - practices that will serve as an antidote to the politics of war, global economic apartheid, environmental and social destruction, while empowering Females to lead, control and subjugate men to serve Women in the way they are destined.

Femocracy UK events are private & anonymous Female Supremacy networking & planning committees for Superior Women & subordinate men, where Women are in charge & men silently observe, obey, serve & protect.  Each Group & the whole network is designated as sacred space where Women are held in superior status. This association promotes & provides a worldwide support system for Female Rule & within its confines functions an all Female-Led Society that serves as a working model for a Female-Led World.

Oubliette - Events

Following a successful Femdom event 14th & 15th October in an atmospheric, remote, historic building, Oubliette intend hosting future fun and frolics and serious play in heritage buildings around the UK.

Dates for the New Year to be announced

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